A Worthy Tramp.

Back now, fish and chips were great and so was the converstion. The usual manly stuff, women, divorce and general dismay with the modern world. Einstein popped up, his ‘world government’ given some serious consideration and then it was back to the usual ribald humour and irreverence.

I have to tell you about one minor interruption.

We were all sitting outside this cafe come restaurant, when I noticed a lady digging around in a bin not far from us. She was an attractive soul, middle aged, pretty with a curve in her jeans and a protruding blouse. Hello I thought, what on earth is going on here? She looked a bit too well turned out to be scratching around in a bin, then I thought, well who knows, these days maybe her husband had just gone bankrupt or something. Anyway, my compassionate nature took over and I walked up to her.

‘Excuse me.’ I said gently. ‘No need for that. Here we are, I’ll roll you a ciggy. I’ll get you a packet for later too, if you like.’

The lady looked at me for a moment, beamed a smile and then burst out laughing.

“Oh dear!’ She exclaimed. ‘How embarrassing! How very very embarrassing. Thank you for the offer, that’s very kind of you but the thing is, I think I’ve just thrown away my mother’s credit card in the bin. Whatever must you think of me!’

And appearances are deceptive are they?!


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